In lieu of hosting our regular event on Saturday, October 3, 2020…we are going to cancel the actual live event as celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Dewey Goes Pink is not something we want to do with our hands tied on gatherings due to COVID.  The overall intent of Dewey Goes Pink is the fundraising we do for our local Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. (Of course, we think the party we host makes it the best event ever!)  Therefore for this one year…we will do what we can to help raise funds for the DBCC.  It’s not an easy time to expect folks to be as generous as they have usually been with this event, but we’ve chosen a T-Shirt design which we will mail out to those who register, keeping the tradition of our great shirts for this year’s event.  As an added incentive to register this year, those who register here in 2020 and receive their great race shirt will be rewarded for their support next year by having the opportunity to register a full MONTH ahead of everyone else in 2021.  We’ll open registrations to those on July 1st over the public on August 1st next year.  Dewey Goes Pink has sold-out the past few years, this gives some security to those supporting this ‘year that wasn’t‘ and continues to allow us to send a nice check straight to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.  The good work they do should not be compromised by COVID, and our event is their largest fundraiser of the year!
Registration for this 2020 event (which is only us shipping you out a shirt then sending funds to the DBCC) will open on Friday, August 7th.  Registration for these shirts will end on September 30th so we can get your shirts out in the mail to you to wear around town during the month of October.
Being that this entire effort is to support our local DBCC, we’ll continue to ask for support from our sponsors at a lesser level in hopes they will continue with us in supporting our local breast cancer coalition.  Letters will be sent to previous sponsors, anyone new interested please email me directly at
Thank you for your continued support of Dewey Goes Pink, this is the best option because we couldn’t find a way to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with a limit of 250 people, last year alone we had 3500 participants.  We’ll work hard next year to make the 10th the biggest and best ever!  Thanks for helping this year continue the support of the DBCC.
Steve ‘Monty’ Montgomery
The Starboard Restaurant & Bethany Blues
Adam Howard
 The Rehoboth Body Shop

10th Annual Dewey Goes Pink 2021

October 9th 2021

In Memory Of

Paula Ann Howard